Important Features :

  • Versatile Line to process a wide range of thermoplastic materials like PP, HDPE, LDPE, HIPS, PS, ABS, PC, etc.
  • In any form: Film, Raffia, Filament, Runners, Lumps, Powder, Agglomerate, etc.
  • Die Face Cutter System for virgin-like Granules.
  • Several Lines exported to overseas customers.

Salient Features :The Technological Co-operation between M/s Gamma Meccanica Srl, Italy and Satellite Plastic Industries, India has packaged with it some excellent features, which we highlight below with great pride.

  • Leading plastic recyclers worldwide have come to rely on us to make their business more productive and more profitable.
  • Our machines are robust, dependable, easy to use and ideally suited to produce uniform, high quality recycled plastics.
  • The key is advanced machine design combined with high output vented single screw extruder, die-face cutter technology, oleo-dynamic screen changers and force feeder technology.
  • This efficient process yields high volume production with ease of operation.
  • The automatic nature of the machine reduces the number of workers required to handle scrap, operate the machine and handling & packing finished granules.  The plant can be operated and run by one skilled and one unskilled worker at any time.
  • GMS has processed extremely contaminated and dusty material on the machines yet achieved extremely clean granules.
  • Our R & D is always striving to innovate and upgrade the technology to get the maximum in quality and quantity.  Quality, Support and Prompt Service are the main goals of GMS.
  • To fulfill the goals GMS uses the support of the advance information technology to stay closer to our customers at all times.